I’m New


Finding a church that resonates with you can be hard.

This is a quick list of questions you might have before you visit:

Worship Style? Contemporary and some relevant traditional songs. Great band.

Big or Small? You can expect around 350 people any given Sunday.

Kids Program? We have a fantastic kids program called "Kids Kingdom".

How do I become a member? Through personal Bible Studies with other members.

Do I have to become a member? You don't. We believe you need to belong before you become.

What's the vibe? Easy going, fun, not religious but serious about Jesus.

Dress Code? Casual.

If I don't know much about Christianity? That's totally fine. It's a starting point.

Will you ask for my money? We won't. Giving is voluntary and for members.

Who's the star pastor? We don't do stars. We have several speakers who are very different.

Do you do missions? Actively! Currently Russia and Israel, but our members travel all over the world.

Do you have small groups? We have an amazing small groups community, all over Austin.

Do you have fun? All kinds of fun. This is a vibrant and active community.

Social Justice? We love serving the poor locally and globally.

Will I be trained for life? If you are willing, there are great people who are able to help you in most areas of life.

What if I'm a mess? Jesus meets us where we are. So do we. Actually perfect people are not allowed in the church.

Will you judge me? We will love you.


Curious? Want to learn more?

Here are some ways you can:

Visit a Sunday Service

Visit a Small Group meeting. Groups meet all over Austin, probably within 10 minutes of where you are.

Engage in personal Bible studies. Spend an hour a week and get your questions answered.

Listen to some of our speakers in the Podcast section.

Drop us a note and let us know how we can help you connect.